Value-for-money media & displays

bsmart is a young brand of media and displays for the signage and advertisement market, developed with a 15 years expertise on product/application, with the goal of bringing competitiveness to the printers by offering real value for money. bsmart products are currently present in 10 European countries and comply with the highest Euroean specifications such as REACH and flame retardant.

8 reasons to bsmart

Value for money
thanks to our 15 years of R&D we have achieved product specifications to match the application needs, so you only pay for waht you need
Exhaustive range
of media and displays for the signage and advertisement market, approved by printers and media owners in different countries world wide
European certifications
REACH and flame retardant by independing testing (SGS)
Best performance for price
product specifications, raw materials and production process chosen to maximize the output
Performs good and looks good
complete product definition from technical specifications to packaging and branding
Strong production capacity
several leading factories to produce bsmart products to minimize leadtimes, all our factories are ISO9000 approved and have long experience in their fields
Onsite Quality Control
production and loading control onsite for each shipment performed by bsmart staff
Flexibilitytest bsmart products in sample orders or group different items in one shipment

Range of products

bsmart offers an exhaustive value-for-money range of media and displays for the signage and advertisement market. Our 15 years expertise in product/application has enabled us to develope perfectly customized products to meet the needs of each application in each different market, maximizing the output and minimizing the cost.

  • frontlit, backlit, blockout
  • laminated or coated
  • customized for each application
  • up to 5m width
  • polyester woven mesh
  • good ink absorption and ventilation
  • excellent light transmission
  • with or without liner
  • up to 5m width
  • Entry Level Roll-ups in 5 widths
  • Economy or Premium
  • StayFlat: anti-curling media 
  • backlit opal film for close view
  • smooth surface for stunning image
  • greener plastic = easy to depose
  • up to 5m width
  • polyethylene core & aluminium skins
  • replacement for solid aluminium
  • 5 levels x 2 sizes
  • bsmart easy peel release liner
  • monomeric and polymeric
  • calendered self-adhesive vinyl films
  • excellent printability and drying
  • excellent weather resistance
  • up to 5m width

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If you want to learn more about bsmart media and displays yu may download our "8 reasons to bsmart" brochure or visit the producer's website.