About Kao Chimigraf

Pioneer manufacturer of Inkjet UV inks. Currently offering all type of inks for all type of inkjet applications including: Water Based, LED, UV, Ecosolvent, OIL and Single Pass for the Graphic, Packaging & Labelling, Deco & Flooring and Coding & Marking markets.

The selection of the highest quality raw materials and constant innovation are the keys to success when it comes to developing high-performance inks with great added value, achieving high optical density with excellent printing results, and ink savings up to 30%.

Committed to environmental management, to reinforce Kao values that contribute to the well-being of all people, sustainable growth and protection of the planet. Kao Chimigraf is proud to present each year new inks that are more respectful with the environment and less dangerous for our users and operators, minimizing the emission of VOCs and avoiding carcinogenic raw materials, as well as improving recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Key Benefits

  • Complete range: UV, LED, solvent, mild-solvent and true eco-solvent inks
  • Wide colour gamut: perfect colour match with deviation of dE<1
  • Reduced ink consumption: high optical density for intense colours or reduced ink consumption
  • Print head performance: avoid clogging with particle size of 150nm and inks filtered at 1 absolut micron (1000nm)
  • Long lasting campaigns: all pigments rated for light fastness at 7-8 on the blue wool scale
  • Flexibility and adhesion: superb flexibility for flexible materials and good adhesion to rigid materials
  • Stability and reliability: exhaustive quality controls before, during and after the production process
  • R&D: enjoy accuracy and perfection in each ink we create

Inkjet range

Kao Chimigraf has established its position in the digital market as a reliable supplier of inks. Our recognized expertise and approach to the market with a complete range of products has capture the attention of big printers and distributors all over the world, who prefer to deal with a unique supplier in order to unify their printing results and satisfy their customers with a vibrant image. Our broad product range of inkjet inks includes water-based, UV, LED, solvent, mild solvent and true eco-solvent inks for wide and super-wide format digital printers. We innovate in industrial applications such as corrugated, ceramic, decorative wood and glass.

Health & Sustainability

Kao will strive to create a long-lasting impact to society through the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Strategy is designed to serve people's needs, behaviors and desire to live sustainable lifestyles that contribute to a sustainable world. We call this the Kirei Lifestyle, and we call the vision, commitments and actions that contribute to that lifestyle: the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. 

Since our business was founded in 1887, we have always put our consumers at the heart of everything we do. Today, this remains the foundation of Kao's corporate philosophy, underpinning all of our activities. Every bold innovation, thoughtful new product and breakthrough action is in service of our consumers' needs. Our Environmental, Social and Governance actions are no different. We have committed to enhancing our contribution to society through a renewed focus on ESG.

Kao strives for eco-friendly Yoki-Monozukuri. Kao is engaged in pursuing 'eco together' with you and all the people that use our products, from selecting materials to waste disposal, and everything in between.

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If you want to learn more about Kao Chimigraf Ink-jet inks you may visit the company website at www.kaochimigraf.com.