About NetLink Imaging

NetLink is an expert business connector at the industry of large format printing for signage and advertisement, working as externalized Marketing and Sales Office for leading suppliers of consumables such as Ahlstrom Poster Papers, bsmart media & displays and Chimigraf Inkjet Inks. NetLink analyzes, targets, brands, positions and consolidates in the market the products it represents by building a solid network of distributors with a strong connection based in trust, mutual support and friendship.

Mission: to bring a complete solution of competitive high quality consumables while adding value to the chain.

Values: honesty, loyalty, sustainability.

Keys for success

A link to real value: the chain in our logo represents the strong link that we build in the market between producers and their distribution network. Such a connection can only be done when adding value to both sides: for the producers we become a fully integrated Sales Office able to give advice on new products development to meet the market demands, and for the distributors network we become a purchase adviser able to give advise on product/application.

Synergies: a Sales Office shared by multiple producers is more efficient and cost effective as it shares market information and divides the structural cost.

Vision: our continuous contact with different fields of our industry such as inks, media and displays, enables us to forsee the future changes of our market. When sharing market trends and innovations with our producers and network, we bring them a unique opportunity to stand out in front of their competitors and set the new market reference for the rest to follow.


NetLink Imaging was founded in April 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, with the representation of Chimigraf Inkjet Inks for the European market. Chimigraf was a leading supplier of flexo inks but the sales of their Inkjet inks had only been done under OEM agreements, producing original inks for leading manufacturers of inkjet printers. NetLink became the Market Strategist, New Products Development and Sales Office for Chimigraf Inkjet Division for Europe. In only 2 years NetLink was able to brand and position Chimigraf Inkjet inks in the alternative ink market as a competitive high quality offer, we helped Chimigraf widen their range from 5 to a total of 13 different inkjet inks and we set a solid network of distributors all over Europe.

In July 2009, Ahlstrom and NetLink reached agreement for the support and representation of their Poster Papers world wide. Ahlstrom was at that time one of the leading suppliers of Poster Papers in the market but had the will to consolidate and expand their market share for all their Poster Papers. NetLink became a Market Strategist and New Products Development world wide, bringing our expertise and support to all Ahlstrom Sales Offices around the world. In just 1 year we were able to double Ahlstrom's sales and consolidate a 60% market share in inkjet sales. We currently continue to offer our support world wide and we are also Oficial Ahlstrom Sales Office for the following countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Lebanon.

In 2012 NetLink made agreement with Shanghai Asia Pacific (sap) to become their Marketing and Sales Office worldwide. sap had been created by Print Solutions, the biggest distributor of media and displays for signage and advertisement in Ireland, with the intention of sharing their expertise in product/application with other distributors Europe wide to achieve higher volumes and lower the production cost. After 1 year NetLink had been achieving a reduction of 10-20% for the production costs by bringing high sales volumes in 10 European countries. In October 2013 NetLink Imaging became shareholder of Shanghai Asia Pacific with 40% ownership and initiated a redefinition of sap business concept which concluded in the creation of the bsmart brand, a value-for-money range of media and displays that will consolidate its position in the market in the following years.